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Protouch is a trusted and proficient car body shop. We can restore your vehicle to its former glory with our impeccable accident repair service, with an unwavering commitment to expertise and professionalism.

Specialist accident repair technicians

We have a team of highly skilled and certified technicians, who bring decades of collective experience to the table, as well as a passion for quality cars and a dedication to their craft.

Each technician is trained to expertly handle the many challenges presented by accident repairs. With ongoing education which ensures that they stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in car technology and repair techniques.

Protouch Car Body Shop boasts a wide spectrum of accident repair services

  1. Collision Repair: Collisions can result in extensive damage to your vehicle. We excel in repairing collision-related damage, ensuring that the structural integrity, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, is fully restored. This includes fixing bent frames, repairing or replacing damaged panels, and aligning components to their factory specifications.
  2. Dent and Scratch Removal: Even minor dents and scratches can mar the appearance of your vehicle. Protouch uses advanced techniques such as paintless dent repair to eliminate these imperfections without the need for extensive bodywork. This approach not only saves time and money but also preserves the original paint finish.
  3. Paint Refinishing: The art of paint refinishing is another area where Protouch shines. We employ state-of-the-art technology to match the vehicle's existing paint colour, ensuring a seamless blend. Our skilled technicians apply multiple layers of paint and clear coat, followed by expert buffing and polishing, resulting in a flawless finish that rivals the vehicle's original lustre.
  4. Frame Repair and Straightening: Accidents often cause structural damage to a vehicle's frame, compromising its safety and alignment. Protouch utilises cutting-edge frame repair and straightening equipment to meticulously restore the frame to its factory specifications.
  1. Bumper Repair and Replacement: Bumpers are often the first point of impact during accidents. Protouch offers repair services for minor bumper damage, such as cracks and dents. In cases of severe damage, we can also replace the bumper with a genuine or high-quality aftermarket option, seamlessly blending it with your vehicle's design.
  2. Paint Protection and Detailing: After the accident repair is completed, Protouch goes the extra mile by providing paint protection and detailing services. This includes applying protective coatings to the vehicle's newly painted surfaces, ensuring longevity and resistance to environmental elements. Our detailing services cover interior and exterior detailing, leaving your vehicle looking immaculate.
  3. Hail Damage Repair: Protouch employs PDR techniques to skillfully repair hail damage, offering a cost-effective solution that avoids the need for extensive bodywork and repainting.
  4. Restoration Services: For classic car enthusiasts, Protouch provides restoration services to bring vintage vehicles back to their original glory. This includes bodywork, paint restoration, and interior valeting, allowing owners to relive the nostalgia of their cherished automobiles.

Whether it's minor scratches or major collision damage, Protouch is well-equipped to tackle any challenge. To restore the beauty and functionality of your car after an accident, call us now.

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What our customers say
"I stupidly put a really bad scrape in the paint work of a car that was jut a few months old. Protouch collected my car the same day I made contact and returned it a a day or so later fully repaired, valeted and looking like it had just come out of the showroom. I was really pleased with the workmanship and also the service so gave them my 12 year old run around car which came back 24 hours later looking like new!!!! I'm over the moon. Can't believe it's the same car"
by ChristinaK-19 -
"Fantastic job on my car. It was filthy inside and out after two muddy festivals and years of spillages on the seats. They came and 3 men worked flat out for 2 hours! My car now looks brand new. Interior looks like it’s never been driven!!!"
by Nathan Barnett
"Great guys my car gleams, friendly, efficient and honest."
by Maureen Tierney
Years of valeting and car body repair experience
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